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Review Optoma UHZ65 4K Laser Beamer



  • Very sharp picture
  • PureMotion really usable
  • High light output
  • Quiet


  • Rainbowing still visible for some
  • No motor control for zoom, focus and tilt

Price: € 4500

Optoma UHZ65 4K Laser

De Optoma UHZ65 4K


We have hung the Optoma UHZ65 since the construction of our Custom-installation and AV-test setup. This projector hangs about four meters away from the Adeo screen. This screen has a width of 2.6 meters.

The hanging and setting up is done quickly. The only job in which an extra pair of hands is useful, is fixing it in the bracket. This is because the UHZ65 is not light (around 10KG!). And to drop a 4,500 euro projector now… that’s a shame. In short: let someone hold the projector in place and then secure the bolt.

No motors

The lens-tilt and focus is done by hand. A little weird in this price range. But not something we say deal-breaker. After all, you set up the projector once and then it’s done. Still, it would be nice if in the next generation they do this with a motorbike. After all, at 2.6 metres, no thank you. Especially since we have hung the Optoma from a wobbly ceiling (with a piece of wood to screw everything in, of course).


On the back we find two hdmi ports: one for hdcp 2.2 and one ‘normal’. Both 4K compatible of course. Furthermore a vga input, RS232 and LAN for automation, USB for power, spdif optical off, 3.5mm jack on and off for audio and a usb service port. No funny business here.


The Optoma UHZ65 is perfect for those who want to get everything super tight. The standard profiles: Cinema, HDR, Game, Reference and Bright work well, but clearly show colour deviation, although Reference is already pretty good. Reference is a bit more neutral than Cinema, which increases contrast and brightness.

Via User you can use your own profiles. Via the – somewhat ugly and sometimes clumsy – menu you can adjust everything to your liking. We don’t have any calibration equipment (yet), so we just went through the menu and chose Reference.

If you do have calibration equipment, it’s always worthwhile to adjust a projector – or TV – just as well.