Home Review Supra MD06 – LoRad – UHD8K Hdmi – Points to the right

Review Supra MD06 – LoRad – UHD8K Hdmi – Points to the right



  • Affordable
  • Solid performance
  • Wide product range


  • Power cord is a bit stiff
  • Design... sensitive to taste

Price: € Wisselt.

Build quality


In the quest for better quality audiophile components, power supply and cabling cannot be left out. At least, that’s your author’s opinion, skeptical though he may be. Anyway: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Do the ears really notice a difference when you work with separate “audiophile” cables? Let’s find out. We grab some stuff from Supra. A well-known brand in our industry.

Cables are always fodder for discussion. So are power supplies. However, our experience is that both cabling and energy optimization can have a positive effect on the overall performance of a system. However, it is always wise to listen first and determine whether the investment makes sense. And that is exactly what your author will do.

We are going to get started with three products from Supra. The reason we chose Supra is because of the fact that it fits nicely within the system (more on that in the Set-up section) and for many of you it is still interestingly priced. It is a budget-friendly brand with solid ‘no-nonsense’ products. The test candidates:

  • SUPRA MD06-EU/SP power strip
  • SUPRA LORAD 2.5 SPC CS-EU factory soldered and mounted
  • SUPRA 2.1 UHD8K HDMI cable factory soldered and assembled

The products come directly from Viertron: the Dutch importer for Supra.

Type test
Single Test
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