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Review Xavian Premio Esclusivo monitor speaker



  • Sounds very nice...
  • Strikingly complete sound
  • Very nicely made


  • Stands are expensive

Price: € 5250

Build quality
Xavian Premio Esclusivo (3)



Anyone looking for Xavian will come across the meaning “The Savior” or “Clear”. Now founder Roberto Barletta may not mean that directly with his brand, although we can rhyme it with clear. Boelsz audio – the importer of Xavian – has sent us the Premio Esclusivo

Xavian – a brand with roots in both Italy and the Czech Republic – has a number of speaker lines: Dolce musica, Joy, Natura, Classic Series and Epica. The names actually betray where we’re looking in the line-up. The Natura falls ‘naturally’ between all the lines. And that’s reflected in the price: the Premio Esclusivo costs about 4400 euros per pair. That does not include stands. Then you’ll end up with just under €5250. So no: they’re not cheap. But you can expect a lot.


The Xavian Premio Esclusivo is a two-way bass reflex model. The tweeter is a soft dome with a diameter of 29 mm. That’s quite large. The woofer is a 175mm model, made of paper with a special coating. Both units are custom made by AudioBarletta. Xavian says that the control of these drivers is very good. Partly because of that control, the frequency range is wide: 35 Hz to 30 kHz.

Geez: 35 Hz at -3dB for such a small speaker! That is quite extreme. By the way, the crossover is at 2690 Hz. And Xavian uses – according to the website – a Phase Zero system where the units are connected in series. On the filter Mundorf components are used. So far so good.

The cabinet is made of solid oak. We don’t see that very often. Certainly not in this class. We have a piano black model. But we can imagine that this is incredibly beautiful in oak finish.

The matching standmount – which is really necessary – costs about 850 euros per pair. That’s simpy pricy. The point is: this one, too, is made with the greatest care and therefore fits seamlessly with this Xavian Premio Esclusivo. It’s also nice that they can be fixed with a couple of screws; child-proof, so to speak.