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TOZO HT2 over-ear BT headphones



  • Outrageous value for money
  • Noise cancellation works well
  • Very long battery life
  • Effective app for EQ, ANC


  • Wired connection less than bluetooth
  • Fit not equally good for everyone

Price: € 50



Chinese TOZO surprised us a while ago with some pretty good and well priced in-ears. We were recently sent the HT2 over-ear headphones, wireless, wired and with noise cancellation. How would these perform? Let’s find out!

The fun already starts when unboxing the HT2. Packed in a white box and when we slide open the lid we see: Designed by TOZO in California. What other brand does that? Sounds like fruit and starts with an A? And yet it does something to the experience, such well-crafted packaging. We let the HT2 play for a few days to burn in. We really recommend this.


The HT2 has a 40mm dynamic driver, presumably made of mylar. At 254g, it is a lightweight headphone that comes in an impressive range of colours. How about black, blue, pink, white and khaki? It is possible to listen wired, but actually that is not the intention. Via Bluetooth, you have a number of options for active noise cancelling with a number of degrees of open/closed settings. You can also set the EQ via the app.

The battery life is a whopping 60 hours, which we can immediately confirm in practice. It’s kind of like an old Nokia phone; the battery just keeps going. Charging is done with an included USB-C cable.

On the right scoop is a multifunction button that allows us to control volume, pause/next song, etc. Noise cancellation can also be switched on with a button, so this can also be done separately from the app.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Speaker type
Over ear
Speaker system
Signal control
Frequency range
16 Hz - 45 KHz
1-way (broadband)
    Weight speaker
    0.245 Kg
    Production country