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‘Illegal streaming and downloading on the rise in EU’

‘Illegal streaming and downloading on the rise in EU’

It was coming, of course, but illegal streaming and downloading within the EU is on the rise, according to a report by the EUIPO.

Dutch news site Nu.nl writes in this post – based on the EUIPO report – that illegal downloading and streaming within the EU is on the rise. Although we are talking about (still) only 3.3 percent, the upward trend has begun. It started after the Corona pandemic. But there is also a connection to rapidly rising costs of streaming services. There are too many of them and subscription increases are the order of the day. Especially with video streamers with all their own productions, it is simply becoming far too expensive for users to spend many tens of Euros per month on them

Too expensive?

In the mentioned article, the – in The Netherlands – well-known Tim Kuik of the Brein copyright foundation also pops up again in the mentioned article, they still exist. The man is not happy with the new figures and trend and says he is going to do everything possible to turn the tide. An additional practical problem here, is that file-sharing technology, of course, has evolved in recent years. Sharing illegal content is easier and “safer” than ever, via firmly encrypted sharing services. Subscribing to an illegal IPTV subscription is also a breeze. In short: we think that combating illegality is really only possible by lowering subscription prices of streamers again. Somewhere in recent years, a line has apparently been crossed for many people in terms of those costs

You can download the report “ONLINE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IN THE EUROPEAN UNION” by the EUIPO (or European Union Intellectual Property Office) here (free and legal…).