Home Streaming Audio Eversolo DMP-A8, a streaming centipede

Eversolo DMP-A8, a streaming centipede

Eversolo DMP-A8, a streaming centipede

The new Eversolo DMP-A8 is not only a streamer, but also a preamplifier, DAC, server and network player.

The official function list of the Evernote DMP-A8 is long: network player, streaming bridge, DAC, server and preamplifier. As desired, you can add your own – optional – SSD for local storage. The maximum size of such an SSD in the case of the DMP-A8 is 4 TB, more than enough for an extensive hires music collection. Once you have stored that locally, the multifunctional device can then act as a music streamer. However, if you already have one or more NASes in your home, the DMP-A8 works fine without internal storage too. In that case, it behaves like a traditional network player. Without storage, however, you are missing a nice extra feature: namely, the ability to rip CDs from a connected USB CD-ROM player.


Because, as promised, the Eversolo DMP-A8 is also a preamplifier, various inputs are available. These include USB, HDMI-ARC, S/PDIF in coaxial and optical versions, an RCA stereo line input and a pair of XLR line inputs. On the output side, there is a choice of several digital outputs and, of course, analog outputs (RCA and XLR). ‘Of course’ because, after all, the DMP-A8 also features a built-in DAC. The basis of which is formed by an AKM AK4499EX and AK4191EQ. Last but not least, a femtoclock oscillator from Accusilicon is beating inside the device.

The Eversolo DMP-A8 will be available starting next month, at a cost of €1980.