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A conversation about the earth – interview with Shunyata

A conversation about the earth – interview with Shunyata

We have an interesting conversation with Grant Samuelsen of Shunyata Research. Now we know Shunyata mostly for cabling, but the American company led by Caelin Gabriel, creates much more products. Think power conditioning products. Its approach, however, is a bit different from others. We ask them why that is.

The main pilar of Shunyata is …. doing research. It isn’t called Shunyata Research for nothing. Caelin has a background in the world of data transmission and small signals. His task was to find and eliminate noise to get (or keep) these small signals visible. This knowledge is perfectly applicable in the world of hi-fi. And so Shunyata does just that.

What is special about Shunyata is that they not only supply products within the hi-fi world, but also to the medical industry. There, it is vital that doctors can trust the data that appears on a screen. It literaly saves lives.

Now Shunyata is not the only company that operates in the professional industry as well as the hi-fi industry – PSI also supplies seismic sensors to bridge manufacturers, for example – but there are not many companies that operate so broadly and professionally

Shynyata Altaira

In the interview, we talked about the background of the company and, of course, the new products. Consider the Altaira. An extraordinary grounding system that – according to Grant – can improve any system. Now the Altaira does work differently than just a grounding pin. You can see exactly how it works in the interview we conducted. And perhaps in a review once we’ve tried the product ourselves…


Want to know more about the background and operation of Shuyata Research’s products? Then listen or watch the interview we conducted with Grant Samuelsen

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