Review Quadraspire QPlus Advanced

The Quadraspire QPlus Advanced is no snake oil. It is a tweak that has an audible and reproducible positive effect. More air, more low definition. We think it's a tweak for those who have their system in order: cables, acoustics, placement of speakers. Then this can be the next step. Fact is: we've been playing with it for a couple of months and don't want to get rid of it anymore. It just works. But fact is: it is not a 'bang for the buck' tweak.


Interview Lorenzo Belloli – Bassocontinuo – Why a hi-fi rack is important

Why is a hi-fi rack important? Very logical question... After all: a device also works well on a table or standard TV stand. Right?...


Factory visit Quadraspire England

QuadraSpire does everything in-house. From processing wood for the 'levels' to making its own screws. We're serious. QuadraSpire makes its own screws. Because yes: if you're going to work with bronze, the screws have to be bronze too. Otherwise that just doesn't sound good.

A hi-fi / audio device needs to be placed on something. That can be a small table, or a wall mounted solution, but with a solid system that is often not so convenient. Bigger audio devices are often heavy. In addition, you need somewhere to put the cables. Think of power cords, interlinks or speaker cables.

Special hi-fi racks

For the serious enthusiast and fine tuner, special hi-fi racks have been developed. Or hi-fi furniture, as some also call it.

This special audio furniture not only looks nice: it works just a bit more convenient with the routing of cables and they absorb resonances, which in turn can improve musical reproduction. After all: vibrations are energy. And that energy often does not belong in music…

Brands of audio racks

A few well-known brands of audio racks are Bassocontinuo, Spider, Quadraspire, Norstone, Solidsteel and Finite Elemente.