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Hi-Fi… Traditionally a real hallmark. Of course it stands for ‘high fidelity’. In other words: Hi Fi is very faithful to nature. Now this used to be a real challenge, as the technology for audio equipment was simply in its infancy. In the 70’s and 80’s this changed rapidly. The big boys invested a lot of money to develop the most crazy devices. It is not for nothing that they are called the golden years of the Hi Fi.

And now what?

Does that mean nothing’s happening now? Anything but! We live in a time when good equipment doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of euros. And we are at the beginning of – or in the middle of – a time when almost all the music in the world can be listened to for a small amount per month. Of course, that’s great!

In addition, high-res audio is achievable for everyone. And it doesn’t stop there. Every time new techniques emerge that raise the quality of both the playback equipment and the source to a higher level.


The unlimited access to music should mean that we enjoy our Hi Fi equipment more. And fortunately a lot of fans do too. We shouldn’t forget that! Hi Fi brings us closer to the artist. It brings us closer to the emotion music can unleash. We should celebrate that every day!