Review English Electric EE1 – Network Filter

Yep... we're allowed to 'nerd out' again! A new network tweak has been launched: the English Electric EE1. A network filter that does its...


Alpha Labs – Audiophile Clocks and Network Switches

Audiophile or 'audiophool'? We're going to talk about 'audiophile' clocks in switches. And we do that the Alpha Audio way. In other words: listening......


Alpha Labs – Another experiment with switches and Jitter

Okay... we did some experiements with this before. But with the new RF Shielding box the measurements are much more stable. So, time for...

Switches… …yeah. Now, what are we supposed to say about this? It’s part of the data supply for the streamer in many cases. But if the data arrives correctly – which is just the case with a standard switch – what could go wrong? That’s what we were wondering.


It turns out that network cables and switches still have an influence on the sound. There is no need to search erros in data. In the noise over the network you can find some issues.

It turns out that the power supply is a source of the problem in a standard-switch. Good galvanic disconnection and a good, clean power supply do wonders. And a solid, well shielded network cable too.

In short: here too there is profit to be made.