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Energy is the basis of our system. In the end, we are just modulating energy. And the cleaner this energy, the better the result. Filters and regenerators can help with that.

Dirty power?

Now many skeptics will say: poluted power doesn’t exist. And all the “noise” is nullified in the device.

That’s only partly true we’ve found at Alpha Audio. Our studies show that power, directly from the mains is pretty contaminated. This is mainly due to Led lighting, dimmers, switching power supplies of computers and for example chargers of telephones and for example laptops.


One way to get rid of noise and polution is to use a filter. Filters do what the name implies: they filter energy. Just as a coffee filter lets water through and collects the coffee grounds, an energy filter filters out noise and lets clean energy through – for the most part.

Now, of course, that is very easily said: it is VERY complex to do that well. Not for nothing have many manufacturers been working for years or decades to design a perfect filter.

Some examples of large and well-known manufacturers: Isotek, Isol8, Audioquest, PS Audio, Yeti, Audes and Furutech, for example.


An alternative way to improve the power supply is to install a regenerator. A large, well-known manufacturer of regenerators is PS Audio.

A regenerator re-creates a sine wave. So a 50 Hz or 60 Hz sine wave. This can have advantages in devices that depend on it. Think of motors for record players. Not very many regenerators can provide enough power to a power amplifier; keep that in mind.