About the Grimm MU2 – Part 2 – The analog part

We recently paid Grimm Audio in Veldhoven a visit to learn more about the Grimm MU2 streamer / dac / pre-amp. A beautiful device,...


Interview – Mark Levinson about C Wave Technology

It's a pretty bold statement: 'we fixed PCM'. But the truth is: they have some serious data to prove they did. We have an...

We talk to quite a few manufacturers during our trade show visits or visits to factories, for example. These conversations – or interviews – naturally lead to interesting insights.



When we get a chance, we record our interviews. Both audio and video. This is because video has the necessary added value and sometimes we can share footage of the factory visits with you.

The best interviews – we think – are with the real engineers. They know the ins and outs of the products like no other. By going into depth with them, you really get to know what a brand stands for and what drives them. We always try to get engineers or other leaders in front of the camera. We learn from this as well!