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Home Cinema is an interesting market. In fact, it is a separate world within the Hi-Fi. Or is H-Fi a world within AV? Who cares. Fact is: there are an incredible amount of beautiful home cinema devices. Devices that we are only too happy to test!

Since January 2019 Alpha Audio has a custom install – AV test set-up which enables us to not only test stereo hi-fi, but also surround and custom install set-ups.

Image and sound!

The beauty of Home Cinema, is that there is both sound and image. The two amplify each other. However, this makes it a bit more complex. After all: image and sound have to be in balance. This not only means that the image must match the sound, but also that the projector or TV must match the quality level of the sound. And vice versa: the sound must be at the same level as the image.

Review categories

We have divided the Home Cinema category into a few subcategories: AV receivers, Loudspeakers – both in-wall and in-ceiling as subwoofers and soundbars, htpc’s and of course other types of players for movies, series and music.

Are you looking for separate floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers or active speakers? You will also find them under the hi-fi category.