Multitest – The best integrated amplifier for MAX 1000 Euro!

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, we - again - put five wonderful amplifiers side by side. This time the Atoll IN50, Advance Paris X-i75,...


Introducing new Naim 200 series – NSC 222 – NAP 250 – NPX 300

Recently, Naim introduced the new 200 series. We were fortunate to be able to attend both one of the introduction presentations as well as...


Alpha Preview – Primare i35 with DM36 DAC

We have the Primare i35 in our listening room. And no. that's not a new device. But what is new is the DM36 DAC...

An integrated amplifier has both a pre- and power amplifier in one box. Handy! It keeps the signal paths short and saves investment in cabling. Some models also have a d/a converter built in to connect digital sources.