COS Engineering D10 V2 preamplifier/dac – COSplay

Today we are in Taiwan, an island east of China, praised for its innovation and know-how. A country that bets hard on knowledge and...


A brief look at the NAD M66 pre-amp

A while back, we had an extended demo of the Dali Epikore 11. That's an impressive speaker. We didn't really talk about the other...


Sample Test – Yamaha A-S2200 VS Hypex Pre + Nilai 500

Some images don't need any text. What they do need is music! Our goal is to make samples of as many products as possible....

A preamplifier is in fact a switch box for sources containing a volume control. The task is to switch as ‘clean’ as possible and to control the volume as losslessly as possible.
Modern preamplifiers often have a d/a converter built in, so you can also link and switch digital sources.