Advance Paris X-CD9 CD player –

Advance Paris: just a cool brand. We won't start talking about the big VU meters and blue LEDs again, because the Advance Paris X-CD9...


CD’s; not that crazy yet

The audio market is a special market. Especially when we look at the technological developments. We started out on records, tape recorders and cassette...



For a while it looked like CD players were disappearing. But honestly, we think it’s here to stay for a while. Especially now that it turns out that our beloved silver discs can sound just rock solid.

The CD player

Philips CD-100

Still, it’s always nice to realize that Dutch company Philips is the “father” of the CD player. Fact is: they put the medium on the market together with Sony. Partly because of this, we call the digital interface: spdif: Sony Philps Digital Interface. It takes a lot of thrust to bring a new format into the market. And the only way to survive is to become the market standard. And Sony and Philips succeeded. After its introduction in 1984, the CD is still here.

Variants of the CD player

The fact is that streaming audio is displacing the CD. But the fact is also: the CD persists. And there are still plenty of applications for it. Consider the optical media for image as well as gaming. The Playstation, Xbox and PC still use blu-rays to store games. And there are still plenty of fanatics who use blu-ray players for playing movies. After all, the quality is much better than online services that apply compression.

The same goes for music. Online services may stream lossless more and more: the masters and edits they use do not always turn out well, so CD players still sometimes win out over the digital stream.