Review Muse – Will of the People – Short and…?

Muse can be counted among the greats of the world. The British band - once started as Rocket Baby Dolls - has been at...


I’m done with it… most remasters just suck!

Portishead Roseland NYC Live has been remastered. Readers probably know that I am a big fan of Portishead. So full of hope I downloaded...



Our hobby doesn’t exist without music! After all, what good is a beautiful set if there is nothing to play? And whether it’s vinyl or streaming or CD … or tape or cassette tapes … it doesn’t matter. Music is and remains the most important part of our hobby. And partly for that reason, this category has been given a big place on the website.


Now reviewing music is incredibly difficult. After all, it is something incredibly personal. One loves metal, the other classical and yet another one house or vocal. So many people, so many tastes. And there’s nothing to be done about that.

Now it is possible to give tips. And that’s what we like to do. Our selection consists mainly of albums that make us happy. Or well-known titles of bigger bands to give you an idea of what’s ‘hot’ in the market right now.


With the advent of streaming audio it has become much easier for us – and you – to discover music. And that’s wonderful. However… it’s practically impossible to listen to everything. After all, who is going to listen to 20 million (or more) tracks? Exactly… nobody.

That’s why we’re picking the currants for you!