How does AudioQuest approach the market and what do consumers gain from it?

For about 16 years, AudioQuest has been growing like crazy in the Dutch market. The brand knows how to find consumers. How does the...


Presentation Gauder Akustik – Hifi Studio Wilbert – Utrecht

Ceramic units, diamonds, aluminium and steep filtering... that sounds to some enthusiasts like a dish of deadly boring or even "aggressive" stuff.

We visit audio manufacturers on a regular basis. Just to catch up or to see what new developments are on the horizon.

It is quite extraordinary to see how incredibly many manufacturers of hifi equipment there are. Especially if you look at the sales market: it’s just not that big. Not many “ordinary people” have the money – or the money to spare – to buy a serious hi-fi system / audio system. A decent audio system quickly costs thousands of Euros.

Many manufacturers

Focal Factory - Woodwork

However, the diversity in the audio industry is very attractive as enthusiasts. We love visiting factories, interviewing the developers, the founders and the people on the shop floor themselves. Because often they too are enthusiasts.

The differences in approach, philosophy and vision of the products makes it particularly instructive to visit manufacturers. It shows you as a journalist and enthusiast that there is no single truth. That there are several paths to success and that there is still a lot to learn in the field of audio, hi-fi and high-end audio.

Big and small

Of course we do not only visit large manufacturers. Think Bowers & Wilkins, Focal, Naim, KEF or Paradigm and Sonos. While that is interesting, the smaller – boutique – brands are also incredibly fun to visit. Think Gauder, Grimm, Hypex, Illusonic, Weiss or Metrum. That’s where particularly interesting inventions are often made. Innovations that certainly make our audio hearts beat faster!