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Advance Paris X-CD9 CD player –



  • Sounds nice
  • Solidly built
  • Single ended and balanced out


  • Digital out could be better

Price: € 799

Build quality
Alpha-Audio Approved
Advance Paris X-CD9

Measurements and conclusion


We also measured the Advance Paris X-CD9. Now there is not a whole lot to measure on a CD player, but we were curious about noise (power supply and output) and Jitter. Power supply noise was measured through the LISN and Picoscope. Output noise was measured on the Prism dScope III and jitter was measured with the Wavecrest SIA3000.

We have to say: the X-CD9 measures better than we thought! Jitter is not shockingly good, but certainly not bad for a player in this class, for example. The 12 MHz clock shows around 60ps of jitter. Low frequency noise is nicely under control and the strip-chart is also quite stable. Phase Noise could be better.

Noise is low with the Advance. PSU noise is around -118 dBu: both common mode and differential mode. We see a few bumps, but given the price range it should not have a name.

At the analog output we see a similar pattern: remarkably clean. When nothing is playing we see a noise floor around -150dBFS. If we put on a test-tone CD, this rises to -120 dBFS. Funnily enough, we see the filter, because after 20 KHz the noise floor drops visibly.

If we look closely, we see a few harmonics from the test tone of 315 Hz return: at 630 Hz and 945 Hz, some sticks return.


What a fine player this is! The Advance Paris X-CD9 sounds wonderfully balanced, shows no sharpness and brings out the rhythmic characteristics of the medium well. Considering its friendly price, this is an ideal player for those who want to start playing CD or get back into the medium. Warmly recommended.
Type test
Single Test
  • Digital USB
  • Analog RCA
  • Analog XLR
  • Digital Coaxial
  • Digital Optical
Product type
Max samplingrate
44,1 kHz
Max bit depth
16 bit
4 Kg
  • Width: 43 cm
  • Depth: 26 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
Production country

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