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Audioquest PowerQuest 707 – 505 and 303



  • Clear impact on sound
  • Nice form factor
  • Plenty of outputs


  • Low Current outputs could be better
  • PowerQuest 303 somewhat up-front
Build quality
PowerQuest by Audioquest

The sound

A nice staircase

It’s impressive how Audioquest managed to create this staircase. If we start with the PowerQuest 707 (perhaps not smart to start with the most expensive one, but we went from high to low and back again), we immediately hear the Audioquest signature, but on the other hand more calmness than with the Niagara 1200. That one has always been pretty “up front” in our system. The PowerQuest 707 brings – if we remember correctly – more calmness and fluidity than the Niagara 1200.

There is a “but” here, though! There is a obvious audible difference between the High Current and Low Current outputs. This is by the way not only audible: it is also measurable. Now we only measured the 707 due to lack of time, but there we see a different filter behavior. And it is also audible: the High Current output brings more calmness, but a little less focus than the Low Current: that one is a little more up-front, but brings a little more focus to the stereo image. Definitely experiment with this!


If we’re being honest, we don’t find the PowerQuest 303 super interesting. Not because it’s not a solid product – it is in its class – but simply because the 505 is so much better. The step is significant. And that’s with a relatively small additional investment.

With the PowerQuest 303, we still hear some sharpness and a somewhat “in your face” image. It makes the whole thing a bit restless and intrusive. When we step up to the PQ505, most of that is gone. The picture is much calmer and smoother. And after all, that’s what you’re looking for when you buy a power treatment system.

Thereby, differential mode noise is not very difficult to eliminate. Common mode, on the other hand, is more complex, so that doesn’t always happen in a device. Common mode is also a bigger problem usually, we see in the lab. Switching power supplies create common mode interference. So do solar panels and charging stations. And we want to get rid of that. The PowerQuest 505 and 707 do address that…. the 303 does not. And perhaps that gives the big difference in sound.

Then when we step up to the PowerQuest 707, we hear another step in calmness and authority. And in flow… that’s a typical difference. Is it worth the 500 Euro extra? You alone can determine that. It depends on the system – does it let you hear it? Does it need it? – and, of course, your own expectations and budget.

Think of it as a component

PowerQuest by Audioquest

Hifi is changing. A complete hi-fi system no longer consists of a pair of speakers, an amplifier and a source. A complete system also includes room acoustics, cables – they too have an impact – and now a media server and power treatment.

Yes: it gets more expensive with that. But let’s face it: life in general has become more expensive. We are not saying that you have to invest in all these elements to achieve a working system. What you invest in and how you enjoy the hobby is up to you. We are just indicating that when we look at a hifi system as a whole, the system includes energy treatment.

Type test
Production country
  • Brand and model: PowerQuest 303
  • Build quality: Basic, but fine
  • Overall impression: Bit up front
  • Price: €599
  • Brand and model: PowerQuest 505
  • Build quality: Basic, but fine
  • Overall impression: Nice balance, much better than 303
  • Price: €799
  • Brand and model: PowerQuest 707
  • Build quality: Basic, but fine
  • Overall impression: Nice balance, calmness and fluidity
  • Price: €1299
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    Sint-Antoniusstraat 15
    2300 Turnhout, BE
    Joseph Bensstraat 21
    1180 Ukkel, BE
    Pleinweg 136
    3083 EP Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NL
    Hooikade 13
    2627 Delft, Zuid Holland, NL
    Bredabaan 1031
    B-2930 Brasschaat, BE
    Pelikaanstraat 126
    2018 Antwerpen, BE
    Schoenmakersstraat 19
    6041EX Roermond, NL
    Grotestraat 23
    5931 CS Tegelen, NL
    St. Ceciliastraat 28
    5038 HA Tilburg, NL
    Geldropseweg 105
    5611 SE Eindhoven, NL
    Breestraat 146-148
    2311CX Leiden, Zuid Holland, NL
    Korte Jansstraat 11
    3512GM Utrecht, NL
    Korevaarstraat 2 e-f
    2311 JS Leiden, NL
    Koningsstraat 35
    2011TC Haarlem, Noord Holland, NL
    Theresiastraat 151 - 157
    2593 AG Den Haag, Noord Holland, NL
    Beethovenstraat 9-b
    1077 HL Amsterdam, Noord Holland, NL


    1. Aloha Jaap, I recently purchased the 707 for protection more than filtering, but I was wondering would you recommend connecting a Grimm MU2 to the high power side with an amplifier? I’m not sure if the switching mode power supply would affect the amplifier more than it was plugged in on the far low power side? Thank you for your great work. Mahalo!

    2. I don’t know what you think Jaap , but I have to say looking at the Price :
      It seems to me that for a system up to 3000/4000€ the powerquest 2/3 (200/300€) are really really good for the price. Of course Niagara or powerquest 503 might be better but we’re talking about double the price or about 800/900€ instead of 200/300€