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COS Engineering D10 V2 preamplifier/dac – COSplay



  • Appearance
  • Playback
  • Modular
  • User-friendly


  • None we can think of

Price: € 5990

Build quality
Alpha-Audio Approved
COS D10 V2 pre-amp streamer

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Does it still make sense to buy individual components when you can replace everything with something this good? That’s the question that keeps popping up throughout this review. Connect the COS D10 V2 to a pair of active speakers and you have a beautiful set- up. Or connect a Pass Labs XA25 or a pair of Sonnet Kratos to it. Also very nice. Want to use a CD transport or a nice turntable, no problem. The choice is yours. This COS D10 V2 is for someone who values looks as well as sound. The COS D10 V2 totally meets these requirements.


COS D10 V2 pre-amp streamer

We compared the dac in the COS with our Sonnet Morpheus and quite a few differences are audible. First of all in the lower regions. The sub-bass of the D10 V2 seemingly goes deeper but the mid-bass of the Morpheus provides more texture and definition. The D10 V2 is a resolution monster that gives more insight into the music. The Sonnet Morpheus is sufficiently detailed but less insightful. The Morpheus is more nuanced versus the more precise D10 V2. It’s fascinating to experience all these different forms of conversion. In any case, the implementation of the Burr Brown dac in the COS D10 V2 is of a very high standard.


A small manufacturer like COS Engineering needs to make more of an effort to capture the attention of the audio enthusiast. Mediocrity is not an option. Everything has to be spot on. With their D10 V2, COS really pulled it off. It's a beautiful device that exudes luxury and class. The modular concept allows the buyer to choose what to add. The basic version includes a full analog preamplifier, a beautiful d/a converter and a versatile headphone amplifier. The stylish remote control completes the package. The COS D10 V2 is easy to use, full of high tech stuff and also sounds great. It is an exclusive device that you will enjoy looking at as much as listening to. Alpha Approved.
Type test
Single Test
  • Streamer ethernet
  • Streamer wifi
  • Analog RCA
  • Analog XLR
Product type
Max samplingrate
192 kHz
Max bit depth
24 bit
    Amplifier type
    Amplifier technology
    Class A
    Amplifier inputs
    • Analog RCA
    • Analog XLR
    • Analog Phono MM
    • Analog Phono MC
    • Digital Coaxial
    • Digital Optical
    • Digital BNC
    • Digital USB
    • Digital AES
    • HDMI (Audio)
    • Streamer Ethernet
    • Streamer wifi
    Amplifier outputs
    • Analog RCA
    • Analog XLR
    • Width: 41,5 cm
    • Depth: 28 cm
    • Height: 10 cm
    Weight amplifier
    10 Kg
    Build in dac