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  • Sounds quite nice anyway!
  • Very good noise reduction
  • Smarts for pro world


  • Not a real music monster
  • Pricey

Price: € 329

Build quality
review EPOS IMPACT 1061 ANC



Needless to say, we also listened to a tune of music. And while the headset is not primarily designed for that, it turns out that it too sounds fine. No excessive (but ample) bass, for example, and a clear midrange. Logical, because that’s where the speech area is where the headset is optimized for.

Side note: the headset does not support advanced codecs, so it isn’t “high-end”. But nevertheless very useful, during a 15-minute break at work, for example. And should you want better quality, listening via the USB-C cable is also an option, of course.

Rounding up

The EPOS IMPACT 1061 ANC is definitely an excellent headset, of fine build quality as well. Are there things we would like to see in headsets intended for music from this ultimate communication cum office headset? Yes! The already mentioned stand with contactless charging option without a doubt. But also the thoughtful ergonomics. Not nearly every headphone manufacturer understands that fatigue can occur with prolonged listening. Partly this is due to design. Just a little softer ear cups, a more relaxed fit (less tight), and so on.

Furthermore, some of the BrainAdapt technology could also come in handy in headphones for music. For example, to keep out outside noise in a smarter way than regular ANC. The risk of this is that you may get to hear a somewhat less “original” audio signal. But if you can disable this option, that’s fine. Just turn it off at home, and on in the crowded commuter train. You will not experience the ultimate high-end sound there anyway without all kinds of tricks. Then it’s better to have some clever technology in the background that ensures the least fatiguing sound possible through effective filtering and more. In other words: adapting the sound experience to the needs of the listening environment.

Another nice touch was the ability to quickly switch between left and right earcups. That’s handy for left-handed people, for example. Of course, this trick only works with a completely symmetrical design. In any case, it was nice to be involved with a piece of audio from a completely different world. The overlap is there and it is interesting to see how non-audiophiles design problems like noise reduction. Flanked by other techniques like BrainAdapt.


An inside look at another audio sector: a headset for call centers and busy offices. The EPOS IMPACT 1061 ANC offers - as it turns out - several options that we would also like to see in audiophile headphones! All in all, a very fine headset that also sounds excellent.
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