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Review Fosi amp TB10A + Merchanise DAC – Cheapskate Hifi



  • Cheap
  • It works


  • Sounds not nice
  • Clumsy equaliser
  • High distortion

Price: € 110

Build quality

Measurements Fosi Audio TB10A


Fosi amp TB10A

Granted: for an amp between 50 and 70 euros, it’s not too bad. The point is: objectively, this is not good at all. We see a lot of distortion, dramatically poor frequency response and also a lot of power supply noise (which increases with load). Thereby, without an analyzer, you have no idea what a neutral setting would be with the equalizer. After all, there is no click on the neutral setting. And the neutral setting is also not in the middle.

In terms of power, we can be brief: it does not achieve it. That has everything to do with the adapter that comes with it. The chip can deliver the power just fine, but it just doesn’t get enough power from the adapter. So at 2 x 62 watts into 4 Ohms it now stops.

Merchanise dac

For the money – about 35 euros if I understand it correctly – the DAC measures very decent! The noise floor is low, but not straight: the noise in the low frequency part is a lot higher than in the high frequency part. The jitter is not good at 63ps, but we know stereo receivers from towards 2000 euros that show higher jitter. The distortion is striking. It is quite high and also shows a crazy kink. Now this is all still justifiable, considering the amount. What is very strange, however, is that the response just can’t be straightened out. There are always two bumps in the measurement. And this is also quite audible.


Does bad audio still exist? Yes... objectively, yes. Because none of it sounds good. And it doesn't measure up well either. But on the other hand: what can you expect for 100 euros. You have a dac and an amplifier. On the other hand, you do have to consider: will you be happy with an admittedly cheap duo... that doesn't play really well? We won't. We would just keep on saving...
Type test
Single Test
  • Digital Coaxial
  • Digital Optical
  • Analog RCA
Product type
Max samplingrate
192 kHz
Max bit depth
24 bit
0.5 Kg
    Production country
    Amplifier type
    Amplifier technology
    Class D
    Amplifier inputs
    • Analog RCA
    Amplifier outputs
    • None
    Specification #1
    • Resistance: 8 ohm
    • Value specified: 50 watt
    • Value measured: 32 watt
    Specification #2
    • Resistance: 4 ohm
    • Value specified: 100 watt
    • Value measured: 62 watt
      Weight amplifier
      0.5 Kg
      Build in dac
      Production country