Home Review Perlisten S4b monitor speaker – Honestly lasts the longest

Review Perlisten S4b monitor speaker – Honestly lasts the longest



  • Low distortion
  • Holographic
  • Dynamic
  • Beautiful stereo image
  • Open and fast midrange
  • Build quality


  • Subwoofer required (Perlisten makes six models)

Price: € 7500

Build quality
Perlisten S4b



With low distortion and a completely inert cabinet, the Perlisten S4b ensures that music comes through especially pure. As if nothing is in the way. The midrange is of the best we have heard yet. The integration between tweeter and mid-drivers is completely seamless. Some thought has gone into this.

The stereo image continues seemingly endlessly without sacrificing precision. The Perlisten S4b sounds tremendously refined and nimble. Because of that ultra-low distortion, transients are ultra-fast and you never have lag. In no genre of music do you feel that the S4b is not timing correctly.

This speaker does not intrude and lets music speak for itself. Bass is full of detail and has no lag. Dynamics and speed abound. For some types of music some slam and especially body is missing but that’s about the only downside we can think of. Placing them a little closer to the wall and using a powerful amplifier will add some punch, but a fast, sealed subwoofer will certainly complete the picture.


“Onwards!”, the new album by American rapper Contour is a particularly layered album. It falls under rap music but actually has little in common with its fulminating peers. This album is brought quasi-perfectly by the Perlisten S4b. Every element is present but does not intrude. This is a laid back speaker, believe it or not, but one that keeps you on your toes by constantly surprising you with a sophistication that is worth its price tag, yes it is a lot of money.

A special discovery is Sophie Jamieson who, after a false start, is trying to re-establish her music. And after listening to her album “Choosing” we find this fully justified. The gigantic soundstage that spreads far behind the speakers is striking. The bass is tight, defined and full of information. Sub and mid bass are effortlessly distinguishable although this monitor does not produce very deep bass. 

Pole aka Stefan Betke on his latest “Tempus” once again brings his tried and true recipe of dubby beats and cool soundscapes. The low end is tight and defined, but occasionally a little too light for this kind of music. As mentioned, a subwoofer can provide something extra here. The calmness and control you experience is extraordinary. There is something sacred about listening to this speaker. It is a neutral pass-through with a Beryllium tweeter implemented exceptionally well. It’s crazy how well you can follow everything. Little bleeps and sounds crackle like a fireplace at Christmas. Truly nothing escapes this speaker.

Nadine Khouri is a British-Lebanese singer-songwriter who has created a beautiful album with “Another Life,” produced by John Parish. Khouri’s voice sounds clean and pure and, above all, completely believable. The intelligibility of her voice is extraordinary without being at all sharp. On “Keep on pushing these walls,” the second track, the beats sound a little lighter than on our Revels but much will also depend on the amplifier used and the space. Because of the closed box, we remember this from the ATC SCM19 V2, amplification, space and placement are crucial. The better the speaker, the more effort you have to put into it.


Our Revel Performa M126BE currently costs $6,000 with matching stands. The Revels are a two-way bass reflex design but, like the Perlisten, have a beryllium tweeter. Because there is a bass port on the Revels you get a bit more punch in the low end and a bit more subbass due to the interaction with the room. In our room, the Revel approaches perfection even in terms of speed and definition. However, the mid and high range of the Perlisten goes beyond the Revels. It’s ridiculous how much information you get through. The stereo image is also wider and deeper on the Perlistens.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Monitor - bookshelf
Speaker type
Speaker system
Signal control
Frequency range
36 Hz - 37 kHz
85 dB
4 Ohm
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Depth: 18 cm
  • Height: 42 cm
Weight speaker
11 Kg
Production country

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Stationsweg 87
9471 GM Zuidlaren, NL