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G’s G Spot! Checkout!

G’s G Spot! Checkout!

In this section you can read all about the musical adventures of author Geoffrey (G). If he’s not sitting with his head between two speakers you can find him in the sofa with a good book. He likes to be informed about the latest hi-fi developments and searches the internet for fun stuff to test

This time I have two more listening tips for you. Music that has captivated me tremendously the last few weeks and to which I keep returning.

Kassa Overall came my way because the last album “I think i’m good” got quite a bit of press attention and as far as I’m concerned also completely justified.

This New-York drummer throws just about every possible genre into one heap and turns it into his own unique universe. It goes from R&B to Jazz to hip-hop and back again. This self-willed musician plucks from his own rich music history and makes an inimitable but delicious record together with a lot of friends. One for the adventurers.

Lian Ray delivers a great debut with the beautiful album “Rose” on Starman Records. This album about an all-consuming love should have been released years ago but due to a lot of personal problems, drinking and drug use, it only came out now. So now this French singer-songwriter comes out with a heartbreaking album about love, the only thing in life that really matters besides music. The songs nestle casually in your soul and before you know it, you’ve listened to the whole album twice and you’re left beaten. Little masterpiece.