Home Hi-Fi Is dCS’s new Apex really that much different?

Is dCS’s new Apex really that much different?

Is dCS’s new Apex really that much different?

Wilbert Hifi in Utrecht is 50 years old this year. And the High End Audio store in the Netherlands is celebrating that by organizing a couple of particularly interesting demos. Last weekend dCS was there with the new Bartok and Vivaldi Apex. What a feast! We talk to Alasdair McDonald.

Apex is dCS’s new platform. And instead of asking: what’s different, it’s better to ask: what’s stayed the same. At least: that’s what Alasdair reports. In fact, the complete dac has changed, except for the “resistor ladder”. The control of the ladder and output stage has been addressed, so that not only the conversion is better, but also the signal is sent to a pre- or power-amp more powerfull. Wonderful!

In the conversation below you can also get some of the history of dCS and what exactly the Ring Dac is. After all, that is quite a special technology that these Brits have developed! And as icing on the cake we talk about the remarkable choice for a VCXO clock instead of an OCXO which is seen as high-end… Curious? You can follow the conversation with dCS below. Enjoy watching!

dCS Apex – What does it bring?