Friday, April 19, 2024

Reply To: Audirvana Plus, versie 2.6


Juist, meneer Plisson is er maar druk mee en zeer goed ook.
zie hier overzicht:

Overigens is er nu ook een versie 3.

Een paar belangrijke update-punten vanaf 2.6.#
Rewritten database engine bringing strong improvements in the library manager performance and reliability. And this makes navigation a breeze even with huge database as it has been proven with a 270k+ tracks library.

Multiple Artists per tracks, albums, names for sort, Full Text Search, Hyperlink Navigation within the whole library as in streaming services catalogs.

PCM to DSD upsampling, in stereo and multichannel.

Automatic volume leveling between tracks or whole albums (ReplayGain).

Loudness Dynamic Range analysis using the EBU R128 standard, and the DR rating.