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Sonoro releases Grand Orchestra columns

Sonoro releases Grand Orchestra columns

Sonoro presents its first ever standing speakers, in the form of the Grand Orchestra. Take your pick!

Sonoro is of course best known for its compact audio systems like all-in-one table radios. But we also find a record player in its range, and of course a set of bookshelf speakers is present in the manufacturer’s virtual showroom too. Apparently the latter was so well received that Sonoro has gone one step up the ladder. Starting next February, the Grand Orchestra will be available, which are full-fledged column speakers. They consist of a dual-magnet driven 6-inch woofer plus a ribbon tweeter. The whole is set up as a 2.5-way system, using a precisely tuned crossover filter.

Matte finish

Sonoro recommends a driving power of between 50 and 170 watts. The impedance is 4 Ohms. The hand polished wooden cabinets are available in a matte white or matte black finish. The asking price is €1999 per pair.