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Conrad-Johnson ART Phono phono preamplifier

Conrad-Johnson ART Phono phono preamplifier

OK, it is a device for connoisseurs, if only by taking in consideration the price. But the Conrad-Johnson ART Phono undoubtedly serves a target group.

For anyone who loves vinyl, a good phono preamplifier is indispensable. If you want to go deep as far as that component is concerned, there is the new Conrad-Johnson ART Phono. It’s a reference phono preamp made to fit seamlessly with the ART88 preamps. To avoid disappointment in advance, the ART Phono is made in a very limited edition of only 250 devices. Internally, tubes are used for the amplifier; each channel contains two triode stages. Via a buffer stage again equipped with tubes, the amplified signal is then fed to the outside world.

Optional step-up transformer

The Conrad-Johnson ART Phono features two phono inputs, one with a fixed gain of 53 dB and the other with a 47.5 kOhm fixed load and also 53 dB gain. The latter input is also available with an optional step-up transformer that provides 63 dB of gain and a 46 Ohm load. Proprietary CJD Teflon capacitors are used in the circuit, as well as metal film resistors from Vishay

Remains the price. Which, as promised, is somewhat steep: $28,000 in the basic version and $30,000 with the aforementioned optional step-up transformer.