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Yamaha MusicCast 200 all-in-one

Yamaha MusicCast 200 all-in-one

They continue to be fun, those compact all-in-ones. Like, for example, this new Yamaha MusicCast 200, which will find a place anywhere.

The Yamaha MusicCast 200 is a compact system equipped with everything you need to play music (and other audible entertainment). Equipped with coaxial drivers (consisting of a low/mid driver and tweeter), the all-in-one features a slot-in CD player, a DAB/FM tuner and Bluetooth. To enable older analog devices to be used as sources as well, a 3.5mm auxiliary input (minijack) is available. The built-in amplifier delivers power of up to 25 watts per channel. Very practical is the charging surface for smartphones, Qi-compatible. Charging your smartphone is a matter of merely placing it on top of the Yamaha


Almost a matter of course for an all-in-one in these days is support for numerous streaming services. The Yamaha MusicCast 200 can handle Tidal, Qobux, Amazon Music and Spotify, among others. If you have a USB memory stick full of music files, just plug it in and listen. You operate the device via the included remote control or the MusicCast app on your mobile phone. Naturally, the all-in-one integrates seamlessly into the MusicCast multi-room ecosystem

The MusicCast 200 is available in black or white, at a cost of €719.


  1. Hello Ronald. Thanks for capturing and posting these kinds of product releases. Do you or AA have a list of brands that have released an all-in-one home system? I would love to use it to explore the possibilities. I have looked at the review of the Primare i35 on the site here. Also, is there a piece here or somewhere that speaks to their advantages and disadvantages? I’m not finding anything intelligent in my searches. Thanks. Alan