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Merason Reuss DAC

Merason Reuss DAC

Swiss-based Merason has released the new Merason Reuss, a DAC falling in their mid-range pricing category.

The new Merason Reuss DAC has standard rack dimensions and features a hand-polished front panel. Internally, the DAC is built completely symmetrical, with Burr-Brown PCM1794A D/A converters doing the actual conversion work. One converter is used per channel, which, according to the manufacturer, should guarantee a high dynamic range. Furthermore, we see no less than three power transformers, one for each segment in the DAC. And by that we mean: separate power supplies for the various analog and digital circuits.


The output stage of the Merason Reuss is provided by a buffer amplifier built in class A. The maximum achievable quality of the DAC is 24 bit / 192 kHz. It is also noticeable that internally almost mainly SMD components are used, except in the power supply

The Merason Reuss DAC is available in a black or silver version and to call it yours, you have to pay €4900 for it.