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Ortofon 2MR, new cartridge series

Ortofon 2MR, new cartridge series

Danish Ortofon presents the Ortofon 2MR cartridge series, characterized by a flatdesign.

The Ortofon 2MR has a flat – or low, if you will – design. Handy, because that ensures compatibility with turntables that don’t have enough “breathing room” for a bit fatter cartridges. It makes the 2MR elements ideally suited to Rega turntables, for example, which are therefore easier to fit with an element to your taste. Another nice thing is that Ortofon gives a one hundred percent assurance that the 2M replacement needles are fully compatible with the needles of the new 2MR.

From 78 rpm to flagship

In practice, the Ortofon 2MR series consists of a total of seven elements. Five of them are intended for standard stereo use. Entry-level model is the Red equipped with an oval needle as well as a pleasant price tag. Top model and flagship is the Black LVB 250, ground according to the Shibata method and with a needle holder made of boron. For fans of old 78 rpm mono records, there is also a version especially for that purpose. We also see a mono needle in the range. Below we briefly list all the cartridges from the Ortofon 2MR series:

  • 2MR Red: €99
  • 2MR Blue: €199
  • 2MR Bronze: €399
  • 2MR Black: €599
  • 2MR Black LVB 250: €999

And finally, both “speciality elements”.

  • 2MR 78: €149
  • 2MR Mono: €399