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Klipsch RSM and PSM series outdoor speakers

Klipsch RSM and PSM series outdoor speakers

Klipsch has released two series of outdoor speakers: the RSM, or Residential Surface Mount, and the PSM, or Professional Surface Mount.

The warmer months of the year are slowly approaching. And there is always a part of mankind that likes to relax outside on the terrace or balcony, accompanied by music. Klipsch has developed two series of outdoor speakers for them. The RSM series has a standard 8 Ohm impedance and can therefore easily be driven by amplifiers you already have in your home. The PSM series is intended for use in professional 70- or 100-volt installations such as those commonly used in restaurants and the like. Those PSMs can be found on the manufacturer’s custom install page under Outdoor, they do not have their own landing page (yet?).

Both series offer four different sizes of speakers each. Below we briefly list all of Klipsch’s new outdoor speakers.

  • RSM-400: €349
  • RSM-525: €599
  • RSM-650: €699
  • RSM-800: €999
  • PSM-450-T: €698
  • PSM-525-T: €798
  • PSM-650-T: €898
  • PSM-800-T: €1098