Home Hi-Fi Nubert has new cover colors for nuBoxx

Nubert has new cover colors for nuBoxx

Nubert has new cover colors for nuBoxx

With the new colors cloth (front) for the Nubert nuBoxx, you can give your speaker a totally different look in no time.

Speakers in the living room occupy a rather conspicuous place. If you do want something different from standard white or black in terms of speaker cloth, Nubert has good news for you. New fronts with equally new colored Cloths have appeared in for their NuBoxx speakers. There should surely be something suitable for your interior! The speakers themselves are available in white or black, the cloths in green, blue, red, two shades of gray, white and black.

The price of the easily changeable fronts containing cloth of a color of your choice depends on the type of box. There are six speakers in the Nubert NuBoxx series; the prices for the fronts with the colored cloths run between €15 and €25 Euro. So that’s perfectly reasonable!