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Wharfedale Super Denton speaker

Wharfedale Super Denton speaker

The new Wharfedale Super Denton is a compact three-way speaker, again a retro-based one.

Whether we get instantly excited by retro-designed speakers and hi-fi? Well… The fact is though, that a group of people do become so. And that group is apparently large enough to be of interest to a growing number of manufacturers. The Wharfedale Super Denton is an extension of the manufacturer’s retro line. The original Denton 3 appeared in 1971 and the ‘Super’ is the modern version. Internally, modern components have obviously been used. Think of the 25 mm tweeter, the same one used in their flagship Dovedale. The 50 mm midrange driver can also be found in the Evo4 series. And the bass driver with a kevlar cone is no exception.

The cabinet construction of the modern Wharfedale Super Denton has also been overhauled and improved on several points. The price of the speakers is not too bad: for a pair you will pay €1199.