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Triangle CAPELLA Smart Streaming Speaker System

Triangle CAPELLA Smart Streaming Speaker System

When you bring the new Triangle CAPELLA into your home, it might just fulfill all your listening needs in one go!

The Triangle CAPELLA is essentially a complete all-in-one system once set up. These fully wireless speakers are active and connect via a – also wireless – central hub that uses WiSA technology. The hub also handles all the smart features and offers extensive streaming options. The speaker set is Roon Ready, but connecting via the traditional Bluetooth is an option too. Each speaker box has internal amplifiers, with one 50 Watt amplifier for each driver. This provides a total power output of 2 x 100 Watts. A DSP continuously monitors the behavior of the drivers, ensuring that the full potential of the system is reached, according to the manufacturer.

Automatic Calibration

A practical feature of the Triangle CAPELLA is its automatic room calibration system. This is done using the accompanying app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The complete set costs €2499, and you can choose from speaker colors Astral Blue, Brown Nebula, Black Star, and Space White.