Home Music Album TRPTK CD release ‘Turmeric’ by Irene Sorozábal

TRPTK CD release ‘Turmeric’ by Irene Sorozábal

TRPTK CD release ‘Turmeric’ by Irene Sorozábal

Record label TRPTK released Irene Sorozábal’s new CD ‘Turmeric’, a mix of diverse genres and influences.

Few musicians are as versatile as Spanish-born recorder player and mezzo-soprano Irene Sorozábal (Madrid, 1996). Not only is she a leading member of the renaissance recorder consort The Royal Wind Music, you can also find her in the Groot Omroepkoor, Capella Amsterdam and Bachkoor Holland. At events such as the Gaudeamus Music Week, the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Early Music Utrecht you will regularly find her on stage too.

Adventurous streak

Sorozábal, who also enjoys composing, has an adventurous streak and likes to seek out freedom in her musical expressions. She loves to improvise and has a great affinity for jazz and folk music. In her own work, she searches for an appropriate synthesis of these diverse influences and genres. Something that can certainly be heard on her debut ‘Turmeric’ on the TRPTK label. On this album she explores how to give expression to vulnerability, a more than extraordinary starting point.

Summarizing many centuries of music

The lineup of her ensemble could have come straight out of jazz, with trumpeter Kirsi-Marja Harju, pianist Adrián Moncada, double bassist Pedro Ivo Ferreira and drummer George Hadow. But Sorozábal does not allow herself to be squeezed into any particular style or tradition and uses all the influences to create a new and extraordinarily original structure. Her story encapsulates many centuries of music and actually forms a new language, one that sounds seemingly lovely but has a deeper content behind it. An aspect that perhaps comes to the fore most in “Nana,” a collective improvisation that balances on the edge of fragility, with a leading role for her voice. “I am very happy with the result,” notes Sorozábal.

Sculptures in CD booklet

The production is particularly well done and the sculptures in the booklet by Kalliopi Ioumpa are a perfect addition to the songs. “It’s wonderful to collaborate with other art forms,” Sorozábal says. “And finally, I want to give kudos to TRPTK for their natural and honest recording. You’re really in the music.”