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Panasonic presents M-series headphones

Panasonic presents M-series headphones

Panasonic has released three new wireless headphones under the name M-Series. Especially for bass lovers.

For certain types of music, an extra solid bass reproduction is never a bad thing. At least, that’s what lovers of that type of music think. Especially for them, Panasonic has released three headphones under the umbrella M-Series. Extra precisely positioned air vents in the housing should allow for better control of the outgoing air, resulting – according to Panasonic – in a more precise, more dynamic and more powerful layer reproduction.

Vibrating housing

The entry-level model in the series is the Panasonic RB-M300B (€99.99). It plays for up to 50 hours on a full battery and long comfortable listening should not be a problem. The latter thanks to a special technique designed to distribute the pressure on your auricle as evenly as possible.

Then there are the RB-M500B (€129.99) and RB-700B (€179.99). These are equipped with a Bass-Reactor, which ensures that the housing of the headphones vibrates nicely while listening. The difference between the latter two headphones is that the RB-700B, unlike the RB-M500B, has active noise cancelling. All three new Panasonic wireless headphones are available in cream white and black.