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Cayin N30LE limited anniversary player

Cayin N30LE limited anniversary player

Cayin celebrates its 30th anniversary, a milestone the company obviously doesn’t let pass by lightly. And you can celebrate with them!

There are quite a few manufacturers celebrating a nice round number of years this year. Cayin is one of them and they are releasing the limited edition N30LE portable music player. And limited is really limited, because only 300 of them were made. Should you also want the matching even more strictly limited (99 pieces) in-ear monitor Cayin Amber Pearl (equipped with 15 drivers, partly electrostatic) to go with it, then hurry. Derived from the “regular” N8ii, the N30LE features a tube-based discrete amplifier. As tubes, the manufacturer has chosen the Korg Nutube 6P1. These tubes intended for musical instruments and audio devices are very compact and thus perfectly suited for mobile use too.

Sound selection

Should you wish, the sound of the player can be adjusted to your taste. Choose from three modes: Nutube Classic, Modern or Solid State (in the latter case you skip the tubes and transistors are used as amplifying elements). Besides that, it is possible to switch between class A and AB. As a DAC you will find the ESS Dual AK4499EQ inside. This can achieve a PCM quality of up to 32 bit / 768 kHz, while also DSD up to DSD512 is supported

The Cayin N30LE costs €4999 until September 1, after that – if they are still around – €5400. Or go for a bundle with the already mentioned Amber Pearl in-ear monitor. In that case, you’ll pay a set price of €12,999 until September 1, then €14,500 after that.