Home Personal Audio Urbanista Malibu, solar charged Bluetooth speaker

Urbanista Malibu, solar charged Bluetooth speaker

Urbanista Malibu, solar charged Bluetooth speaker

The Urbanista Malibu needs the sun to charge on the go, an easy task thanks to its built-in solar panel.

We are all familiar with portable solar panels for charging mobile devices. Apart from the fact that they do not always perform particularly well, they are just another piece of extra luggage. Something to forget or lose. The Urbanista Malibu Bluetooth speaker is a more practical choice. Charging with sunlight is no problem, conveniently arranged through the built-in solar panel. Normally the speaker plays 30 hours on a fully charged battery, put it in the sunlight and you extend that time by 15 hours.

Stereo with an additional one

Should you wish, there is also a USB-C port for traditional charging. In more northern (or deep southern) areas of our planet not a luxury during the winter months. Furthermore, it is possible to quickly create a stereo setup with a set of Urbanista Malibu Bluetooth speakers. All in all a nice travel accessory for summer holidays.

The Urbanista Malibu will be available from the end of September in three colors, at a cost of $149.