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Epos Gaming calls it a day

Epos Gaming calls it a day

The Epos Gaming division is calling it quits. Note: this has nothing to do with the “regular” business-oriented Epos!

Epos Gaming used to be a brand of Sennheiser and is now owned by Demant A/S. Or rather was, as they are discontinuing this division. Remarkable, because it is a brand that does have a certain name with gamers. They also sponsored all kinds of sporting events. As a reason for pulling the plug on Epos Gaming, Demant A/S gives, among other things, the explanation that the gaming market has “slowed down” tremendously. And that especially after the huge peak from 2020, when the Covid pandemic started. Weak consumer confidence added to that leads to a dark picture for the future. The company no longer sees a viable path to maintaining a profitable business without major investments and products, brands and distribution.


Well-known products from Epos Gaming included headset Game One and the new series of GSP and H-series headsets. Demant A/S does promise that support for products will continue. Meanwhile, all employees in the gaming department have been laid off.

Again to emphasize: the ‘regular’ Epos with headsets and the like for business use will continue as usual!