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Loewe radio.frequency anniversary radio

Loewe radio.frequency anniversary radio

Loewe was founded one hundred years ago and this milestone is naturally being celebrated. For example, with this Loewe radio.frequency anniversary radio.

In 1923, Loewe developed its very first product, in the form of the oe33. At the time, it was not called Loewe, but Radio Frequenz Gmbh. And that immediately explains the somewhat exotic type name of the anniversary radio Loewe radio.frequency. The device has an FM, DAB and DAB+ receiver on board and thus covers all currently available main options for traditional radio listening. The radio has – for a portable – the decent power output of up to 28 watts, distributed over two full-range speakers. A bass radiator is also built in to provide some low end support.

Kensington Lock

The stylish Loewe radio.frequency can also be used as a Bluetooth receiver, which means you can stream content from your smartphone, for example. A built-in battery provides up to 14 hours of off grid playing time when fully charged. Nice detail: the radio is equipped with a Kensington Lock, so you can attach it to a sturdy object, for example. Theft thus becomes a whole lot more difficult.

The Loewe radio.frequency has a price tag of €199.