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EPOS continues in F1

EPOS continues in F1

It remains F1 noise(suppression) for EPOS for now, as they will be along the track for a while with their products!

EPOS announces an extension and expansion of its partnership with Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team Global Audio Partnership. This under the umbrella of Global Audio Partnership. That partnership began in 2021 with support in audio, communcation and commercial activities of the team.

Building on the existing collaboration, the manufacturer is expanding its technical partnership with the team: ‘The team is now using EPOS’ state-of-the-art COMMAND HME110 C3 headsets at the heart of its racing operations – in Mission Control at the new AMR Technology Campus in Silverstone, England. The use of the COMMAND HME110 as part of the technical infrastructure is an important next step in the partnership‘.

Mission Control, strategy and noise management

EPOS explains: ‘Mission Control is central to the team’s strategy; it is where critical data is collected and analyzed, and where strategy recommendations are made and implemented. Because it is the communications hub for multiple channels and teams working in different locations, time zones and environments, it is essential that noise in Mission Control is effectively managed so that important information is transmitted seamlessly.’

EPOS COMMAND HME110 C3 headset

According to the manufacturer, the EPOS COMMAND HME110 C3 headset “is built to enable reliable communication in critical situations, thanks to distinctive features such as premium speech intelligibility and active noise cancellation. The EPOS COMMAND HME110 C3 headset enables Aston Martin’s racing engineers and strategists in Mission Control to work with unparalleled efficiency, clarity and precision‘.

The COMMAND series is part of EPOS’ suite of tailored solutions developed for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and C3 (command, control and communication) operations: providing control and performance when it really matters. Purpose-built COMMAND HME110 C3 headsets, according to the manufacturer, enable the team to maintain real-time crystal-clear communications and support split-second decision making.