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PSB Alpha IQ streaming speaker – HiQ!



  • Very complete product
  • Compact
  • Nice tuning


  • Tripods are separate
  • No remote control in the box

Price: € 1399

Build quality
PSB Alpha IQ



We live in a time when stacks of equipment are rapidly disappearing. The ‘good old’ tower of separate components can really only be found in rooms of the ‘die hard’ enthusiasts. The rest of the world prefers everything wireless and in one box or maybe two. For that target group, the PSB Alpha IQ is a great solution. An all in one solution at 1400 Euro. Or around 1750 Euro if you want the stands with it.

PSB is part of the Lenbrook group. Not entirely surprisingly, then, we see some borrowed technology. Think of a BluOS streaming module. And frankly, we only welcome that, because why reinvent the wheel when there’s already a great wheel out there? One developed in-house, even!


Before we go into more detail about everything this PSB allows the user to do, let’s share some general, but important things about this speaker. Consider its dimensions and usability.

The finish of this compact speaker is fine for a product in this class. Actually… it is very nicely finished. The whole thing feels sturdy and there are no visible screws. The, in our case included but optional stands, are an excellent fit. Also, the cables can be routed through them. That makes the set-up very clean. We recommend including these: it looks good and sounds better than placing the speakers on a shelf.

The PSB Alpha IQ is about 15cm wide, 25cm high and 20cm deep. That’s really very compact. Yet PSB manages to get out around 60Hz in the bass (35Hz -10dB). And that is only possible with a solid, active design.

Because of its compact design, this active speaker is easy to incorporate into an interior. After all: it doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t stand out that much either. If you still want some accent: the PSB Alpha IQ is available in fun colors. Think: yellow, blue. black, white and…. Dutch Orange! Yep: Dutch Orange… unfortunately we did not have this one for review. We do like orange, as regular readers know.


On the back of the main unit we see lots of connections: Ethernet, wifi (processed internally), MM phono (RCA), HDMI e-arc, optical bluetooth and another 3.5mm jack as a line input. We also see a subwoofer output. Oh…and USB for making music available via USB.

Switching sources is done via the BluOS app (or a programmable physical remote control) in the Sources menu. Tap Music at the bottom of the screen to then select an input at the top of the screen.

To be honest, we would have liked it if – given the wide audience – there was just a pre-programmed remote in the box. Just a small remote for the standard commands.

With so many connection options, anyone can integrate this pair in their own way. The TV can be connected over HDMI e-arc or the optical input. The record player can be attached, streaming is done over wifi or ethernet, and friends can send some Spotify to the speaker via bluetooth just like that. Totally awesome.


Installation of the PSB Alpha IQ should be very simple. Basically, it comes down to putting them down, plugging them in and then using the BluOS app to do the setup. This app “sees” the speakers and guides you through the installation.

We did have to reset the speakers, because it is a review sample. Resetting goes the same way as other BluOS products: disconnect power, connect power and when the LED on the main speaker lights up, put and hold your finger on it until the LED starts blinking red. The slave speaker has a reset hole. We pressed it until the led on the front starts blinking.

After the reset, we got the system installed without any problems, although patience is important. Especially when pairing the left and right speakers. These have to find each other for a while and then become friends. If that doesn’t happen immediately, just wait a while. If it still doesn’t work, disconnect both speakers temporarily. Then you’ll be fine… Once installed, none of this is necessary: once friends, they stay friends, so to say.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Monitor - bookshelf
Speaker type
Speaker system
Bass reflex
Signal control
Frequency range
64 Hz - 20.000 Hz
Amplifier power (total)
90 Watt
  • Width: 14.5 cm
  • Depth: 19.2 cm
  • Height: 24.6 cm
Weight speaker
7.4 Kg
Production country