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Review AAI pads – Mini – Midi – Maxi – Ultra – Anti Resonance



  • Can increase sound stage
  • Can make bass tighter and richer in detail
  • Can bring calmness


  • Price can go up considerably
  • Requires patience to try everything
  • One set often leads to more

Price: € 98 - 349 per piece

Build quality



Tweaking is an important element in our audio hobby. We tweak with cables, audio furniture, power conditioning, switches and last but not least, “coasters”. Not for drinks while listening, but for under our beloved speakers and components! We are trying a whole series of Pads from a brand from Slovakia: AAI…. Authentic Audio Image

We don’t often test tweaks at Alpha Audio. Except network tweaks, but that’s because that’s what your author himself finds interesting. Other kinds of tweaks – think stickers on units, socks on plugs or ‘special caps’ on terminals – are simply almost impossible to test. The first question is whether it does anything, and the second question is: how does it then work out on another device?

That is slightly different with this tweak: decoupling feet from AAI. Or: the AAI Pads as AAI itself calls them. We think Pucks is a better name. And why isn’t the Ultra called Mega…? Because the series is called: Mini, Midi, Maxi…. Ultra… That makes your author’s “language OCD” short-circuit a bit. Anyway…

AAI Pads

The AAI Pads use AAI’s so-called IST technology. AAI describes it as:

“It is intended for processing and treatment of materials, conductors and insulators in order to modify their properties not only to resist, but also to absorb and eliminate negative phenomena, especially in connection with electromagnetism and resonances. “

What exactly they do is a mystery to us. We kind of regret that, because I think they have developed an interesting technology. In any case, the pucks feel solid and nicely finished and they make an audible difference in our system, as you can hear for yourself in the samples.

There are five flavors available:

  • AAI Mini
  • AAI Midi
  • AAI Maxi
  • AAI Maxi+
  • AAI Ultra

The biggest difference is the size of the Puck where the carrying capacity is also increased. Also, the Maxi+ and Ultra are threaded. This comes in handy for those who want to screw them under the speaker. Prices range from 295 Euros for 3 x the AAI Mini to 1399 Euros for 4 x the Ultra. Which one you need depends on the device. More on that later.

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Single Test
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Conductor material
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  • Sources
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  • Speakers
  • Record players
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Multiple metals
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