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Review Acelec Model One



  • Very precise
  • Fair presentation
  • Beautifully made


  • Dispersion of the AMT

Price: € 6500

Build quality
Acelec One



When you think of Cees Ruijtenberg, you think of Metrum Acoustics. And when you think of Metrum Acoustics, you think of d/a converters. And maybe the Ambre and Baby Ambre. However, be aware that Ruijtenberg also designed loudspeakers. In fact, that’s where a large part of his passion lies. So it’s not entirely surprising that his new company: Acelec also incorporates speakers. Meet the Acelec Model One.

The Acelec Model One is a very compact monitor loudspeaker. We say here very consciously monitor, because the ‘roots’ are in the studio. This speaker has been designed, tested and tuned in the studio.

The cabinet is made of thick aluminium: 15mm. It’s available in black and silver. This thick aluminium has the advantage that resonances do not get a chance. Ruijtenberg did tests with MDF and aluminium and came to the conclusion that aluminium just sounds much cleaner. Once you have experienced that, there’s really no turning back… despite the fact that aluminum is significantly more expensive.

Units and crossover

In the cabinet there are two units: a ScanSpeak Revelator for the middle and low frequencies and a Mundorf AMT for the high frequencies. The crossover is a dual slope design. This one actually has two ‘turning points’. It behaves like a first order filter on the crossover frequency which is at 1800 Hz. Further on there’s a second point. So there is still a smooth transition from tweeter to woofer. This second transition is beneficial for the phase behaviour of the loudspeaker. Together the units have a range of 45 Hz to 35 kHz +/- 2.5 dB.


All in all, the Acelec Model One looks very neat. No thick seams, excess screws or crazy corners. The connection on the back of the cabinet also sits securely in the cabinet and allows for all kinds of cables. Nice work.

The dimensions are only 285 x 195 x 300mm. But the weight is a whopping 17kg each! Make no mistake: this is serious stuff! Also the price is serious: 6500 euros per pair.