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Review Advance Paris MyConnect M60



  • Sounds good
  • Complete
  • Solid app
  • Price


  • Switching from digital to analog
  • Bass not ultra tight

Price: € 799

Build quality
Advance Paris M60



 width= This time it’s very simple. The Advance Paris MyConnect M60 takes care of all the functions and controlled the speakers below:

With each speaker, things went well and the M60 mostly showed off the speakers’ signatures. The MyConnect M60 also had no trouble driving these speakers smoothly. We found the best combination to be with the Vienna Acoustics Haydn Jubilee and we used them for the bulk of the review. With the Bowers 606 you get a rather fresh and more detailed reproduction and with the Q Acoustics it becomes a bit fuller and rounder with a bit less detail. It just depends on what your preference is but again, the M60 will add little color and we think that’s a good thing We tested each component extensively and were most impressed with the streamer. It just sounds very complete and balanced.

The amplifier and dac are also very good. Nothing to complain about. The CD player is fine but just not on the same level as the streamer. Bluetooth works without problems and the radio we find actually superfluous. But okay YMMV. After all, there is already such a thing as Tuneln but there are still many purebred radio aficionados who will cherish the radio function

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We were not immediately impressed with the MyConnect M60. No idea why, maybe we needed some time to get used to it. But it was only after a week that this all-in-one started to convince us. Before that there was a 20K system to play with. That will also play a part. After a week we let our test list pass and immediately noticed how open this amplifier sounds. A feature that we do not quickly notice in this price range. And certainly not as the first.

But everything sounds wonderfully clear, open and fast. That openness translates into a pretty uncolored reproduction and makes for an honest reproduction. Every speaker we have here passed the review and that went without a problem. Only the Atc Scm19 V2 needs more grunt. Much more.

Timing is excellent and only during the busiest passages does it occasionally clog up. Those 48 watts only go so far of course but with speakers with a sensitivity of 87db or more we noticed no problem. We reached high volumes without the sound getting harsh.

For whom

First and foremost, the Advance Paris MyConnect M60 is very affordable especially when you consider the extensive feature list. It is a device with a limited footprint and by connecting a set of speakers you are all set. Unless you want to add a record player. Place it next to the television or in a small listening room and you will enjoy it for years without suffering from “Upgradetitis” or worse “Audiophilia Nervosa”. Two chronic conditions where only a device like the M60 can bring relief. Think of the money you save on cables, not to mention the space you gain that can be used for other things. We challenge you to cobble together even half the functions of the M60 for the same money. We couldn’t do it

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