Home Review Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf – Three’s a charm?

Review Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 bookshelf – Three’s a charm?



  • Excellent for vocal and instrumental work
  • Wide soundstage
  • Insightful
  • Placement
  • Price


  • Not a real all-rounder
  • Layer lacks punch and impact

Price: € 848 per pair

Build quality
Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62



First of all you notice the gigantic stereo image in which everything is nicely positioned. Not only in width but also in depth we see the music appear. There is even some height present which gives a pretty 3D soundstage. Vocals sound very natural as do the instruments which just sound right. And that is easier said than done!

Emotion and engagement are present which makes us dare to call this a musical speaker. In live recordings the UBR62 lets a lot of detail through and we get the feeling of being in the studio with it or standing in the audience with it. The UBR62 absorbs a lot of ambient sounds. With pop and electronics we do miss some punch and balls at the bottom end. A subwoofer will probably do wonders here.


“Live at Carnegie Hall” by Ryan Adams is an excellent test record. We hear a tremendous amount of the space and the audience which makes the involvement very impressive. You get the illusion of being there. It’s extraordinary how well you hear every sigh and cough and how beautifully his voice comes through. The harmonica on “Come pick me up” goes through to our core. Our soul. We think that this artist, who was maligned by many, is still a great performer and we hope that now that all complaints have been dismissed he will be given another fair chance. Because his new work is also still of a high level.

A second album comes from Le Ren who – with “Leftovers” – has put anything but leftovers to music. Singer Lauren Spears’ voice sounds absolutely beautiful and the guitars grind and scrape incredibly tangibly through the UBR62. Impressive. None of our speakers, except our five times more expensive Revels, achieve this level of insight and transparency. This makes Le Ren’s music even more fragile than it already is. 

Meskerem Mees makes wonderfully timeless folk music and on her latest release “Julius” she is on fire. Every song is an enjoyment and because of the UBR62 we don’t miss a thing. On the contrary. The amount of information that comes through is overwhelming. Her fragile voice sounds pure and clear and full of emotion. This kind of music was made for the UBR62. In the middle of the song “Where i’m from” there is a violin part and rarely have we heard these instruments rendered so correctly.

Loyal readers know that we have an eclectic taste in music and can very much enjoy electronic music. A recent discovery is the album “Tread” by Ross from Friends, the alter ego of British producer and Dj Felix Clary Weatherall. Despite the preconceptions about this kind of music, this album is full of musical highlights. This computer programmed music sounds surprisingly personal because Weatherall uses a lot of sounds and soundscapes that refer to memories.

Unfortunately, we find the UBR62 less suited to this type of music. The distinctive beats don’t have enough punch and impact and the tracks lack some speed. With this type of music and by extension rap and modern pop, there are other speakers that do better.

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