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Review Ferrum Hypsos Power Supply



  • Sounds great
  • Looks good
  • Adjustable voltage! High output


  • Short cables
  • One output

Price: € 999

Build quality


Within our little audio world, it is now well recognized that the power supply is very, very important. In fact: it is the basis of any device. Whether it’s an amplifier, or a source. In the end: music is modulated energy. And that energy comes from the power supply. The cleaner that supply, the more music we get to hear. We test a newcomer in the audio market (or not really): the Ferrum Hypsos. A power supply where you can adjust the voltage. Cool!

We have been saying it for years: the power supply is the basis of Hi-Fi. No matter what component it is: the power supply is the basis. And whether it is a nice smps – switch mode – or a linear model with a thick toroid: it must be well designed and put together. If the power supply is not right, the device just can’t work properly. And therefore can’t sound good.

Ferrum Hypsos

A word about the Ferrum brand. The Polish brand has roots where you won’t expect them: Mytek. You know Mytek as a brand from the US, but yes: as it happens more often than not, the production lies (partially or not) elsewhere. The Polish branch of Mytek and Mytek USA have worked together on the lineup for more than 20 years. Recently there has been a shift in relationships and the Polish colleagues (and we believe co-owners) of Mytek have moved on. And from that, among other things, Ferrum was born. In short: a company with a lot of knowledge.


The Ferrum Hypsos is the first product we got our hands on. This feed works on a hybrid principle. Basically, it contains a large toroidal core. But the output voltage has been made variable. So you can choose which voltage the power supply delivers. Voltages of 5 to 30 volts can be set. The maximum wattage is 60 watts. Unbelievable. We don’t see that very often. And it means you can power even an average NUC with this. Interesting!