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Review Graham Slee Majestic Dac – Proprius Mono Amplifier



  • Fine display
  • Versatility
  • Small


  • Cannot be switched off
  • Usb up to 24/48kHz (Majestic)

Price: € 3300

Build quality
Graham Slee

What’s in a name?


That a dac gets the term Majestic is something to think about because it’s not really a word you expect as a nickname for a d/a converter. The term Majestic certainly does not refer to the size of the product, so it must be about the sound. What does a majestic dac sound like in our imagination? Well, bizarrely enough, just like the Majestic Multi Input Dac. Big, voluptuous and with conviction. Consciously opting for a certain signature and then going for it completely. That’s what Graham Slee and his employees stand for.

We only followed Latin for one year so we had to look up what Proprius stands for again. The most common meaning is ‘own’ or ‘actual’. And although many brands often come up with strange names for their products, the Graham Sleigh Proprius does, as far as we’re concerned, take the crown. Still, we can quickly make a link with the name because these small power amplifiers do have their own specific sound. A uniqueness that makes the output stages protrude above ground level.


We listened to the Graham Slee Majestic dac and Graham Slee Proprius power amplifiers mainly as a whole with the supplied cables and power supplies. As source we use a NAD M50 which we coaxially connect to the Majestic. And that’s it. Wondering how our Audio Vector QR1 monitor speakers, neatly disconnected on a few IsoAcoustics Aperta Stands, this time responding to their new friends.